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Plastic Cards: Making an impressive impact on your business

Unleash your innovative ideas for business requirements through Plastic card manufacturing for several purposes. Marketing and brand promotions have seen some prominent changes and ingenious development in the past decade. Plastic cards are now changing the industry with their revolutionary opportunities and offering immense capabilities like storing data, promotional uses, access uses, etc.

K12 Print is equipped with the latest technologies and is exploring newer industry requirements with the designing and manufacturing of plastic cards. Whether you are looking for plastic cards with chips or magnetic strips, we got you covered. We are the best in the market to support your Plastic card manufacturing and help you with your business requirements.

We manufacture and design high-quality cards that serve the purpose and are high in functionality and aesthetic value. We offer offset, screen, and digital prints depending on the layout and functional requirements and optimise as per need. With us, you do not need to compromise on any of the aspects of a plastic card and be assured to get the best product that will leave an impression on your customers.

The opportunities with Plastic Cards

With our support and technical expertise you do not need to settle for anything less. Find your ideas materialise and implemented most innovatively. Plastic cards can be used for various functionalities like hotel keycards, membership card, id cards, access cards, hybrid cards, barcode cards, etc.

We are a manufacturer of different types of plastic cards that could be best used for business promotions and other functional uses. Plastic cards are durable, easy to use and store, water-resistant, and customizable units that can help you elevate your business and are versatile for various other uses. We design and manufacture Plastic membership cards for clubs and other recreational spaces that could be used for easy access and to create an aesthetical impression.

Contact us today for Plastic card manufacturing for your business or brand and experience the change.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Unlike paper card stocks, in Plastic card manufacturing offset, screen or digital printing is used. The plastic cards cannot be run through a regular inkjet or laser printing system as they require specific printers that are able to print plastics. We are equipped with the latest technologies and a skilled team to manufacture quality plastic cards.
Plastic cards can be easily stored and used without worrying about any significant wear and tear. Unlike paper cards,they are not prone to damage and are resistant to water and breaking. These features make them a great option for membership card of various clubs.
When Plastic membership cards are placed in the range of a card reader, the tuned circuit of the card absorbs the energy from the field thus resonating at the frequency emitted by the reader. This energy powers the integrated circuit and thus in turn allows access.
Plastic card manufacturing for access helps people to get through doors that are secured by the access control system. Every card can be uniquely encoded and is usually manufactured as the size of a credit card. It helps in strengthening the safety and security of a space by incorporating modern technologies.