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Why hotel key card holders at K12Print can boost your business presence? is a well-known place to get a wide range of marketing tools including key tags, plastic cards, and hotel key card holders at an affordable price range. Our outstanding product quality and timely delivery have transformed many businesses according to many clients.

We pay attention to every detail when our customers place their orders or ask us to customize the right hotel key cards and holders for their businesses. It is our commitment to offering you top-quality key card holders and badges, which can help you in whatever purpose you’ll use them. Our range of hotel key card holders are the best choice for keeping your hotel key access cards safe and secure.

If you want to purchase key cards for your hotel business, we can offer products to ensure ultimate security for all. You can also order key card holders based on the size of your cards at K12Print to add an extra layer of protection to them.


Why hotel key cards and card holders?

Key cards are mostly utilized in hotels and hospitality industries for guest management and securing their premises from unauthorized access. It can only read or swiped across the card readers installed outside the checkpoints or doorways. This is why proper quality measures and encryption standards are instored in your hotel access cards to make them perfect for enhancing security aspects.

As access cards are mandatory in various business and hotel settings, carrying them in super compact hotel key card holderscan make the purpose easier. K12Print offers the best quality key card holders that are ideal for keeping hotel key access cards.

Many businesses are investing in well-design key cards to use them for marketing their services or products as well. Hence, you will find key cards and card holders popular among many leading industries alongside hospitality and hotel management. More specifically, holders of hotel key cards are also actively used in many other industries other than hotels. For example, in banks and other businesses that needs key card  holder like thing for storing their credit cards, ATM cards, discount cards, membership cards, and many more.

With more people getting custom key cards to serve different purposes in their businesses, the requirement of card holders can also be observed in them.  At, you can select the size of your key access card to order a card holder with custom choices of designs, artwork, and more. We offer holders for any type of hotel key access cards with suitable dimensions.


What makes key card holders best for business settings?

You can use good-quality card holders for carrying around important cards, travel permits, driving licenses, parking passes, and cash safely. If you select the size of the holder same as that of a credit card, it can fit in your pocket or wallet easily.

Be it a business meeting or a store event, you can carry essential cards and access passes in card holders without bulging them excessively. Also, having a small versatile key card holder helps in organizing and structuring your personalized items, which you can carry daily.


Why for key card holders?

When you purchase key card holders from K12Print, we can assure you that our product will be durable and retain shape even after years of using them. You can use hotel key card holders manufactured by our design team to carry or display all kinds of compact cards.

The quality of card holders you will get from can enhance the professionalism of businesses or industries wherever they will be used. Hence, for purchasing key card holders or any products such as custom discount cards that can withstand heavy use, you can get in touch with us.


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