Plastic Card with 7 Key Tags

Plastic Key Tags & Combination Cards Used Every Day Today’s advertising campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. 


However, some of the most successful promotional programs include a plastic card and key tag combination. These promotional tools are often used for loyalty reward programs for various retailers, restaurants and more. Combinations may include either a single or multiple key tags. 

Quality Plastic Key Tags & Combination Cards The plastic cards and tags are manufactured with either 20 mil -or- 30 mil thickness and a high quality finish making all logos, photographs and graphics stand out. 

The combos are also personalized with barcodes or magnetic stripes allowing the ability to track a customer’s spending habits, offer rewards based on spending, maintain a consistent and up-to-date customer contact database, track customer demographics and more. 

Needless to say, plastic marketing provides positive results for both the business and its customers. 


Customers receive rewards and special discounts while stores and restaurants increase sales and avoid expensive market research. Loyalty card programs may refer to a card and key tag combo as rewards cards, points cards, club cards, advantage cards, or simply membership cards. 

Regardless of the term used, there is no better way to encourage spending and track customers’ information and buying habits than with the plastic key tags and combinations. is a plastic card manufacturer that makes ordering key tags and combinations easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Benefits of Plastic Key Tags

  • Then following are just some of the ways a plastic card rewards program will benefit your business:

  • Affordable and effective!

  • Higher Profits – Encourages customers to visit more frequently and purchase more.

  • Enhances company recognition – Eye catching and durable marketing products

  • Hassle Free – does the work for you! Ask us about designing your next Key Tags.

  • Ability to track what customers based on spending amounts and buying habits – A way to reward customers for being loyal, as this makes customers feel appreciated and important.

  • Long-term effect from initial investment -Key Tags & Combinations are less likely to be thrown away.

  • long-lasting marketing results from initial investment – Key Tags & Combinations provide for a conversation starter for your customer and your business.

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