About Us

K12 Print is a full-service printer located in Palm Beach, Florida. We excel at delivering high quality printed products at amazing prices with production efficiencies that fast track delivery. Our superpower is printing quality products at great prices backed by customer service that is personalized and delivered by real humans.

100% Guarantee | Free Samples | World-Class Customer Service


We are so much more than a printer. At K12 Print, we don’t take the role we play in your organization, your team or your group lightly. Whether we are helping you get the team ready for a new season or bringing your employees together to represent your brand, we strive to ensure that our products support your goals. From our 100% satisfaction guarantee to attentive customer service, we are your partner every step of the way. Our products are printed in the USA and our factory supports the creation of American jobs.

Our services include printing of:

Plastic Cards, Business Cards, Printed & Embroidered Apparel (Men, Women, Youth), Gift Cards, Marketing Materials, Booklets & Catalogs, Keytags, Hangers & Permit Tags, Plastic Card Accessories as well as Direct Mail Fulfillment


Providing quality, affordable printed products to help businesses, organizations and individuals achieve their goals is in our DNA, but we stand for something deeper.


We are committed to printing with a purpose. Our mission at K12 Print is to be a brand that makes an impact for the marginalized members of our community. 


Our partnerships with key philanthropic organizations are the catalyst by which we transform our vision of making an impact into reality. We donate a portion of our profits to organizations that support underserved youth in our community and beyond. We are also committed to creating American careers as we continue to grow our business.


K12 Print has a vision of providing excellent printing services AND changing lives. We’ve built an ecosystem that supports both of those missions - like a win-win!

  1. The Engine - K12 Print has built a state of the art “machine” that creates top quality printed apparel at affordable prices at a fast pace. We deliver the best products from all the apparel brands you love at a competitive price in the best delivery time.

  1. The Customers - Our customers become an integral part of the K12 Print Mission simply by purchasing our custom printed apparel products (that are high quality, at excellent price points and delivered swiftly). A portion of our profits go to organizations that help to change the lives of underserved youth in our community and across the country.

  1. Changing Lives - This is not the average charitable donation. It’s the opportunity to sponsor a cog in the wheel that will continue to “give” from here to infinity. K12 Print's job creation initiative facilitates the creation of American jobs that turn into life-long, fulfilling careers.


If you are interested in learning more about our print with a purpose mission and exploring the ways that you or your organization can get involved, contact us today!