K12Print Going Interactive With Boys and Girls Clubs

At K12Print, we love creating beautiful, unique designs that catch people’s attention. We also love working with the Boys and Girls Clubs to help transform young lives into happy, productive kids. And thanks to you, our customers, we’re able to continue our mission of providing 21st-Century interactive technology to the Boys and Girls Clubs throughout Palm Beach County.

Sharing our story, and our success, with the community is important for us as a business, and as neighbors. When we’re able to install 21st-century learning tools into the Boys and Girls Clubs, we know we’re helping to change lives and plant ‘seeds of hope’ in our community. And so are you.

A Huge Thank You To K12Print Customers

Education is Fun in the 21st-Century.

The Marjorie Fisher Boys and Girls Club Where Learning and Fun Meet. Thank you K12Print.

Students Get Excited About Learning.

When a child is engaged in the classroom, they are motivated to learn. As interest grows, a habit of success begins to emerge. With success comes an increased desire to be productive and experience more of the good things life has to offer.

Keeping It Positive With the Boys And Girls Club

A positive attitude can go a long way toward achieving goals. Mark Brown, Sr., Club Director at the Marjorie Fisher Boys and Girls Club in West Palm Beach, keeps members focused, engaged and positive as they enjoy the benefits of the club. He takes a genuine interest in the well-being of each and every child, always finding time to chat with parents, even as the energy level runs high around him.

With the best interest of the kids first and foremost in his mind, Mark is one of the driving forces behind K12Print’s involvement with the Majorie Fisher Boys and Girls Club. He is a firm believer in the power of 21st-century learning tools and their ability to engage students.

Mark is working diligently with K12Print toward the installation of a second Interactive Technology tool in the form of a Flat Screen. Together, we will propel The Boys and Girls Clubs to the forefront of interactive education in the 21st-century.

Unique Kids + Unique Products = Great Results

Just as every child is unique, at K12Print we are always striving to create unique designs, excellent quality products and satisfied customers. The better we are at accomplishing our goals, the more we can do to help the Boys and Girls Clubs achieve theirs.

Education, especially in disadvantaged communities where opportunities can be hard to find, is the key to opening doors to the future. The act of learning can transform an ordinary classroom into an incubator for success; success that K12Print customers have helped create.

Creating opportunities for learning is what motivates K12Print to partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs to create 21st-Century environments, where students are engaged and motivated to learn. Education allows students to discover life’s possibilities beyond their neighborhoods, where hope is encouraged and skills are developed.

Learning Creates Successful Lives At The Club

K12Print will continue to help young lives succeed alongside the Boys and Girls Clubs, as together we strive to develop new avenues of opportunities for ourselves and the community. Building stepping stones to success in the classroom will create a solid foundation for life after graduation.

In the coming year, K12Print and our customers will be installing six new 21st-century Interactive Flat Screens in Boys and Girls Clubs around Palm Beach County. In addition to the Interactive Technology already established in two locations, this commitment to learning will allow scores of underserved students a real opportunity to receive a quality education.

Thank you again K12Print customers, as we, you, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach work together to further enrich the lives of so many students in South Florida and beyond. We can make a difference!

Need a business card? Help a student succeed with every card or marketing product you purchase at K12Print. Together, we can provide 21st-century learning environments to kids who need, and deserve, the key to a better life – an education.