Today's world is growing at a fast lightning speed. Every single day at everywhere in the world new commercial or residential complexes had been built up. This complex would be going to witness the massive volume of vehicles moving in and out from them.

So, there should be some sort of means to regulate this movement of vehicles by keeping track.

In moment's world" invention" was the term" construct" to acclimatize new effects or the change made to an existing thing. This had motivated the world to move forward and changed the techniques of completing an everyday task. This type of technique is granted by the reputed working persons which helps them to earn a respectable position in the business world. The most effective way to trace the vehicle will be using Plastic Parking Permits.

Over a decade, K12print are the leading manufacturers of various types of plastic cards such as business cards, parking permits, and so on. We offer it at a very affordable price which will suit your pocket.

How the Plastic Parking Permit is manufactured?

Plastic Parking Permits cards are very much durable and waterproof. These are generally been crafted on the PVC sheet. The cards are kept in between the PVC wastes and also pressed so that they will remain safe from getting torn or worn. Since this card is made up of PVC plastic they have a very good thickness.

These sorts of cards are really helpful in tracking the vehicles at a parking lot. As the cards are very much durable in size, at the time of printing the card's manufacturer try to keep this durability without causing any effects.

As per your taste, you can choose from a variety of cards templates from us we will design it with the help of our professional graphic designers and if you want to customize it we will definitely do it for you.

What are the things that should be taken care of while printing Plastic Parking Permits?

There are a few things that should be taken great care of while printing.

1. Temperature

  If the parking lot is situated in a warm-weather area then select the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) component as your parking card material to increase the life.

2. Mold Cut

Always try to choose mold-cutting shape cards that will be helpful to read by a parking attendant. We have the custom and standard mold cutting tools to provide such designs.

3. Fraudulency.

 As the number of fraudulency increases, day-by-day bar-codes, serial numbers, holograms, and RFID technology should be added.

Benefits of Plastic Parking Permits:-

For any type of commercial and residential building tracing any vehicle, movement is very much a necessity. To keep a note of the vehicle. These parking permits are very much durable that's why it gave them the opportunity to last longer than other standard cards.

Thus, there are various advantages of using the Plastic Parking Permits among them we are going to discuss the most essential points.

1. Innovatory design:-

 The quality of printing done on the plastic is meticulous and the design of the card speaks a lot about the parking vehicles. The colors that are used for publishing on the plastic are veritably much deep and rich to give an informative design that will last long.

2. Various uses

These cards are generally used for tracing the in-time as well as out-time with the vehicle number.

3. Eco-friendly.

Often these sorts of plastic cards are made of recycled materials which will help in reducing the wastage of plastic on the land. Therefore this kind of material makes the card environmentally friendly.

4. Catering facility

In this modern tech-savvy era, parking attendants have the opportunity to transfer information from plastic cards directly into their system by simply using the means of NFC (i.e., Near Field Communication). That is not the ultimate a chip is installed in this plastic card to support the NFC medium so that no fraud cases can happen. This sort of medium has proved to be of great potential since it reduces the risk of vehicle fraudulency and provides ease in parking.

How the plastic parking permit cards can score over other parking paper cards?

As per the collateral point of view coated paper parking cards will provide you with an increasing life. If this sort of card once gets deformed, spooled or any of the side parts of the card get damaged the whole integrity of the card decline. Though numerous manufacturers encourage coating to cover the paper.

Whereas the plastic parking permit cards don't bend and don't require any additional coating for their durability. Though it has a slightly advanced cost than paper cards it's much further durable. Using these plastic cards will give you with the option of using glamorous strips. Through which it is easily traceable wheresoever it would be. It will store the full data about the vehicle.

Thus these are key factors of having plastic parking permits for your complex. Since they are very much durable and prevent fraud to a great measure. This sort of card can easily be customized to provide your commercial building with great respect.

For any printing of these sorts of cards please contact us.