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The Season Of Rebirth

//The Season Of Rebirth
  • The Season Of Rebirth

The Season Of Rebirth

From John’s Desk…

Hard to avoid the cliche’ this time of year, but the season of rebirth, or in my case remodeling, is well upon me!

As part of our launch, K12Print is undergoing a dramatic new visualization around the office area, factory floor and soon-to-be new studio facility. All very exciting, needed, and a nice venting exercise for my latent creativity.

I started in the lobby area where it had been suggested that we can’t just talk about all the great K12Print attributes, we must embrace them, live them, be them, and most importantly, see them! So fine, I put on my contractor’s hat, grabbed some tools and proceeded to build some real offices for my professional team, instead of the cubicles which had always been.

With my trusted tape measure in hand and pencil on my ear, I was off and building. Measure here, mark there…cut correctly, nail accordingly. Before long, the wooden boards were standing strong, the frame was set in place. Window slots awaited glass, the doors were on the way.

The day had come to add the finishing touches with paint. First coat didn’t quite hit the mark through no fault of mine. As many of you painters know, paint can take on a different hue after drying. It was determined another lighter shade would provide a better backdrop for the new logo, soooo…out came the brush again and on went the new paint. Was a good decision!

The creative team has a thing about lighting, so the fluorescents had to go. I had to agree…the lamps, non-glare environment and efficient workflow spacing now speak nicely to the quality and productive nature of K12Print.

Since their doors are always shut now, I can only assume the office staff is okay with the changes and thriving in the much more Feng Shui-friendly environments. Anything for productivity! On to the next set.

Until next time…

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