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Teslin® Card Material

Teslin® is the core non-toxic substrate. Teslin® allows for the fastest delivery, provides flexibility in Variable Data printing, is extremely durable, provides beautiful print quality and is environmentally responsible. Teslin® material is recyclable and biodegradable.

The composition of our cards is as follows: 10mil printed Teslin® as a core material with 10mil over laminate applied to both sides, the over laminate has UV inhibitors to provide UV protection. This process produces a 30mil plastic card product that is the same thickness as a standard credit card. We can also substitute a thinner over laminate to produce a thinner card product.

Teslin® is used to make ID cards in countries around the world, as well as driver’s licenses in the United States. Because of it’s waterproof and tear resistant properties, cards made with Teslin® substrate are widely used in event promotion.

Known for their solid strength and dependability, Teslin® cards are utilized in security-conscious industries such as banking, insurance and identity protection companies. They can be imbedded with magnetic strips or integrated circuits to be used as Smart Cards.

At K12Print.com, we will always strive to incorporate sustainable materials in our products while providing the absolute highest-quality marketing tools for our customers. The responsibility for cleaner living lies with us all, and we will do our part.