Square Business Cards
If you are also looking for unique square business cards then K12 Print Design Services can be the right choice. The demand from an unconventional business person, these cards serve multiple purposes apart from supplying your business information. 

Can You Dare to Choose Square?

Move from traditional business cards to symmetric square cards and give your personality a new touch. Less common and as exclusive as your business, these stand out from the crowd providing you a distinct look and help you stay ahead of the masses.

Unconventional square business cards can serve multiple purposes and can be used as tags, informational cards, coupons, cute invitation cards, save the date cards, custom tickets, loyalty cards, and many other purposes. You decide the purpose and we will design the square business card size as per your needs.

Types of Square Business Cards

K12 Print Design Services such as square business card printing is a pioneer to design cards best suited for the customer’s personality. We have an unexhausted range of designs and patterns to satisfy your requirements. You can choose from:
  • Square Cards in the most popular 2.5” x 2.5” square size
  • Choose from Square Fat Card or Square Sandwich Card
  • Thickness varying from 14 pt. to 16 pt.
  • Comes in gloss or matte finish (You can choose the finish of your card on one side or even on both sides of the card)
  • You can also select a square design with rounded corners to give your Durable plastic cards a more aesthetic look
  • You can also go for full-color printing in front with blank back or full-color printing on both sides


How to Order Customized Square Business Cards?

K12 Print Design Services offer a simple procedure to get the design and printing of your card. Just choose the size, quantity, paper type, and other details from the drop-down menu list and we will print your cards as per your choices. Our simple price calculator is a quick tool to help our customers find the exact price along with the shipment charges for the choice of their cards. 
You can design your business cards with the help of a design template and can personalize them with your company’s logo, images, and brand color. 
At K12 Print Design Services, you can design your own square business credit card or other cards online with the help of various ready-made templates, or can upload your design that is required to be printed. We can even custom design your card as per your specific needs and will mail you the final design. On getting the approval from your side, the cards are printed and prepared to be dispatched at the required address. We will also shrink-wrap your cards in sets of 25, 50, or 250 if you require, to help them stack as per your convenience.

Why Use Square

Square-shaped business cards add a ‘wow’ effect to your personality and let you stand away from the crowd. These cards coupled with square business card holder show your creativity and let you stay unique. They are easy to carry and stay fit easily in any wallet. They also:
  • More contemporary
  • Instagram has made square cool again
  • Show creativity of the bearer
  • Are simple in and decent in looking as they are small in size
  • Fir into all pockets
  • Catch more attention as they are more unique
  • Weightless and are easy to carry

Find More Ways to Use Square Cards

Apart from using them as business cards, you can use them as price tags, product displays, and other purposes. Challenge your creativity and imagination to use these symmetrical cards which are equal from all sides. Also known as cute quadrilateral cards these charming little pieces are sure to add more fame to your businesses.

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Create 5 ways to Introduce yourself in a Unique and Stylish Square Shape.

  • Comes in the popular 2.5” x 2.5” square size
  • Cards are printed on a durable 14 pt. cardstock or thicker 16 pt. cardstock
  • Choose your gloss or matte coating on one or both sides
  • Can I have Square Cards with Rounded Corners?  Yes, You Can.
  • We can even shrink-wrap them by sets of 25, 50, or 250


We offer unlimited printing quantities and shapes.

If you don't see what you need just give us a call and we will be thrilled to satisfy your needs!

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