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Featured Postcard Products

Postcard Print Solutions With A Purpose

We appreciate our customers and our students! That’s why we’re so dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you and your business. Every time you trust us with your company’s printing needs, a group of deserving students is that much closer to having Interactive Technology in their classroom. A percentage of every sale goes directly to our Earn and Learn Program.

At K12Print, we love printing and we love helping our customers get the quality print solutions they need fast and accurately! Our marketing products are custom created to give you the successful results you want from the customers you appreciate.

Plastic Cards

   • High-Quality
   • Innovative Features
   • Variable Data

Direct Mail

EDDM® Eligible

   • Direct Marketing
   • Brand Awareness
   • Low-Cost Advertising

Direct Mail


   • Visual Marketing
   • Custom Designs
   • Multiple Sizes

Direct Mail

Direct Mail – EDDM®

   • Saturation Marketing
   • Targeted Areas
   • Increased ROI


Successful Marketing Tools You Can Touch

The internet has changed the way we live, but not the way we react. When holding a professionally designed, beautifully depicted postcard, brochure or flyer, you can almost feel the message! Every business strives to create that success connection, the kind of connection made possible with the high-quality, results-driven marketing tools designed, manufactured and produced at K12Print.

And as with our ‘must-have products‘ for business success, Interactive Technology is a ‘modern-day must-have’ for educational environments, with proven effectiveness delivered through state-of-the-art, Touch Response learning. Interactive Technology provides education you can feel!

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