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Plastic ID badges custom printed for you!

K12Print brings you high quality plastic id badges that you can customize as per your requirements. We use fine quality synthetic plastic material to produce the id badges that are not just non-toxic but are eco-friendly as well. Id badges are an essential item for store organizations and other associations too.


ID badges

Id badges come in handy not just to give an identity to the working employees and members of the organization but also helps in providing security. Placing your order for a plastic id badge at K12Print will enable you to include unique barcodes that will offer an added layer of security on your store premises.


Why choose us?

At K12Print we don’t make any compromises. Each and every badge delivered to you are assured to maintain the highest quality standard. By placing your order for plastic id badges with us, you are guaranteed to get:


Fine quality badges

We use state-of-the-art technology and ideal material (Teslin) to produce these id badges. All the elements over the badge are in full-color printing. You’ll get nothing but the best quality id badges on our platform.


Flexible customization

We aim to deliver our customers products meeting all their demands. That is why at K12Print we give our customers flexible customization options that you can choose to create unique looking id badges. Just checkout the boxes with your requirements and you will get your items delivered with the mentioned specifics.


Competitive pricing

We won’t charge you more or additional cost for your bulk orders. Customers of K12Print would be paying nothing less or more than the standard market price. After all, we aim to give you fine quality plastic id badges at the most relatable price.


Visibly pleasing

At K12Print we pay attention to all the elements of a plastic id badge. Therefore, we don’t miss out on the point that the badges must be visibly pleasing or appealing as well. Since, the id badges not only carry the identity of your employees but also the reputation of your organization.


Reasons why businesses need quality plastic badges

When it comes to plastic badges or ID badges, the size of the business doesn’t matter. These are an absolute must-have for businesses of all sizes – whether it is for heightening the security of the place or simply to know each other’s name in a large corporation. Still not convinced? Well, here are a few notable reasons why your business needs it.

ID badges are great for boosting the security of a place and restricting access to certain areas. This will not only protect your staff but would also prevent the misuse of sensitive information. Thus, the ID badge is a simple and cost-effective addition that could potentially save you from lots of problems in the long run.

Plastic badges give staff a sense of identity within the company. In fact, from an employee’s perspective, it’s good to have your name and your hard-earned title displayed at all times. In fact, wearing badges with the company’s logo on them makes employees feel more connected.

Plastic badges or ID badges are meant to be displayed at all times throughout one’s time at work. It is thus an easy opportunity to promote your company’s brand via your employees. It also heightens employee accountability and is a way for customers to verify that the person they're talking to indeed comes from the company. Thus, the ID provides a sense of familiarity.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order for the best custom id badges. Feel free to reach out to us for more info.



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