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I love Launches!

//I love Launches!
  • I love launches!

I love Launches!

From John’s Desk…

I love launches! Rocket launches, boat launches, and one of my favorite, restaurant launches…all speak to new beginnings, new possibilities, a new future. And I am proud to announce a new launch that is especially close to my heart…K12Print.

Commercial printing has defined much of my professional life, with manufacturing encompassing most of the rest of it. I enjoy both, and have enjoyed success in both as measured by the standard benchmarks – home, car, vacations, security and varying degrees of happiness.

K12Print is new and different in all the right ways, potentially offering me more satisfaction than I could have ever imagined. Of all the success I’ve experienced creating ‘Products with Value’ for my customers, this time they are ‘Products with Value and a Purpose!’

The Value of Launches!

On my life’s journey, I have discovered the Value of creating Value in people, as well as products. I have seen firsthand the transformation that occurs when someone begins to realize their true worth. Self-confidence emerges, positive energy increases, job performance improves…Value is created, in our staff and in our company.

So as K12Print embarks on what promises to be the most rewarding phase of my professional odyssey, I invite you to share in what could be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life. Helping others discover themselves is an adventure you don’t want to miss. With K12Print, helping businesses grow while seeing people succeed is a vision we can all share.

Success is a worthy goal, no matter the form it takes. What I have come to discover, however, it’s what you do with that success that truly matters. For me and those of us here at K12Print, planting the seeds of success for others to cultivate is life changing for everybody!

Until next time…

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