Start Your Plastic Membership Card Creation


One of the businesses which is on the roll these days is Plastic Card Manufacturing. This one little card provides tons of perks to the customers, simultaneously motivating them to shop more. 
Business tactics are changing and marketers are developing new ideas to lure their customers. Custom membership card is one of these brilliant initiatives. A high-quality membership card offers a sense of belonging and helps connect your customers with your brand making them more loyal.

Customize Your Membership Card with K12 Print Design Services

Our company offers a bundle of features to help you customize your plastic membership card. Choose a card from credit card size, or a business card size to match your requirements. You can customize them with serial numbering, bar codes, magnetic stripes, signature panels, or other particular needs. Choose cards to be fully colored or leave one side blank, rounded or straight corners, glossy or matt finish, and much more.

Uses of Custom Membership Cards

These non-financial PVC cards can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the main areas of high demand for membership card printing are:
  • Plastic Cards for retaining various memberships
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Discount Cards
  • Key Tags
  • RFID cards for access control in hotels and other locations
  • ID cards for various institutions
  • Plastic cards to be used as event passes


Benefits of Plastic Membership Cards

These cards are water-resistant, tear-proof, are very attractive, and cost-effective. Most businesses use these cards for:
  • Client’s authentication
  • Data capture and data management
  • Long time commitment of the customers
  • Help customer retention
  • Build brand recognition

Loyalty Schemes Mean Long Term Profits

Marketers introduce various schemes to add value to a business. People like loyalty schemes as they provide them with extra benefits on their spending. A right-timed loyalty scheme is definitely to drive a repeat customer base to your brand. Plastic membership cards are the smart choice for the customers as they are manageable and easy to hold. People like to keep them to verify themselves as a member to enjoy various membership schemes offered by the company.
It is crucial to note for a business that customers who are already engaged with your brand are happy to spend more on your services as they were already satisfied. The reward cards help them engage more with your services and make them remain loyal to your brand for a longer time. 

Basics of Plastic Card Printing

Plastic cards design sound easy but there are some basic designing principles to follow while creating them. A card should be easy to read. You must have seen very glossy cards with serial numbers which are hard to read in the daytime as they produce a high reflection. Avoid this basic mistake. Moreover, never inscribe more information on the card making it clumsy. Take your time to choose color combinations and logos. It is good to keep the card edges clean to make it presentable. 

Order Your Plastic Membership Card

Business membership and gift cards are easy to order with K12 Print Design Services. You can choose a design from ready templates, or we will design your card as per your needs. You can even upload your design and we will print it as per your guidelines. Order your plastic cards in three simple steps:
  1. Choose a design from ready templates or upload your design
  2. Select the size
  3. Choose quantity
And this is all to shop for premium quality plastic membership cards. Once the order is finalized, we will ship the cards to your desired address. 
K12 Print also offers premium quality plastic business cards manufacturing. These durable business cards are scratch-resistant and withstand weather conditions making them last longer. 
You can count on the quality, service, and support of K12 Print. Our 24 hours customer support is always here to assist you and solve all your plastic cards related queries. 


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Plastic Credit Card Size Photo

Plastic Card - Credit Card Size

3.375" x 2.125"

Plastic Card - Business Card Size

3.5" x 2.0"

Plastic Business Card Photo