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Creating Designs Like Life

//Creating Designs Like Life

Creating Designs Like Life

From John’s Desk…

A custom graphic design must speak to the brain and stimulate the senses. When properly executed, it commands attention and creates an inquisitive response. Much like life, some situations call for a colorful blast, some require reasoned practicality. Mixing in the right amount of each is the science behind, or art inherent in, creating or living.

It’s all about balance…balancing the message and balancing the packaging. Everybody likes pretty wrapping, but if there’s nothing inside once the package is opened, big disappointment. 

On the reverse side, even the greatest message risks never being heard if there is no allure, no appeal, no aesthetic attachment to the presentation. How inspiring could the message be if the packaging is so uninspired?

As with most worthwhile things in life, it takes time to develop skills, a craft, talent. As ability grows, so does communication between the creator and that which is being created. If you listen closely, your work starts talking to you. Call it inspiration, call it stimulation, call it imagination…I simply listen to my intuition.

It’s Not Cocktail Hour – It’s Creative Hour

No, it’s not cocktail hour, or socialization hour as its known in some countries. It’s the middle of the day and my creative tendencies are simply expressing themselves in practical terms. Anyone who has devoted extensive effort and considerable time to any form of artistic creation develops what is known as a ‘good eye’, or, a ‘developed eye’. You eventually rely less on rules and more on your creative vision. Something either works or it doesn’t.

I suppose there are some exceptions as there are to everything. For the most part, however, and after countless conversations with my work, I maintain there is no replacement for ‘labor investment’. No matter the project: Time + Work = Success.

And that’s as rational as it gets. When you’re in business, it always boils down to the bottom line. Sometimes practicality sells, sometimes beauty sells. Most of the time, it’s a combination of both. Pretty packaging, strong messaging. If the balance is off, no sale.

Is your life balanced, or are you at least working on it? Maybe that’s why I like creating designs; it forces me to acknowledge the message, yet gives me freedom to create the packaging. As in life, the look is what attracts you, but it’s the message that guides you.

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